Investing Out-of-State | Antoine Martel

We chat with Antoine Martel, a Los Angeles-based real estate investor and podcaster. California real estate might be off the charts, but for Antoine, the hot markets are in places like Cleveland and Memphis.

Some of the topics we’ll explore:

  • Buying a property without your own boots
  • Paying for investment properties
  • Flip vs rent investment strategies
  • Buy vs rent
  • Evaluating a neighborhood

Antoine is also the host of the podcast “A Millennial’s Guide to Investing“.

Lockin it In Episode

Home Warranties | Pam Olague

Lockin it In with Deb and Per 29 Sept 2018

Pam Olague, of American Home Shield with Deb and Per

Ever heard of a ‘Home Warranty‘? Should you get one? Explore your options with Pam Olague, of American Home Shield.

At the top of the hour, we’ll be addressing a topic near and dear to our listeners who are veterans—the VA home loan.

About Pam |
Currently an Account Representative with American Home Shield, Pam Olague has a long history in the sales industry. Prior to her 15 years in her current role, Pam had a good 12-year run at Nordstrom before entering the real estate industry as an Escrow Assistant, which she did for 3 years before moving to AHS.

A native of the Northwest, Pam is 30 years married, with 3 kids.

Lockin it In Episode

Wholesaling | Penny Russell

WE chat with real estate investor Penny Russell, and her special niche–wholesaling.

About Penny

Penny Russell is a local real estate investor specializing in Real Estate Asset Services for Estate Planners and Executors through local resources like probate attorney’s and Elder care specialists within Pierce County, Washington. She lives and works in Tacoma and has been a Washington state resident over 30 years now.
888-510-4493 •

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Movers | Heidi Rinker

Today we enter Phase 4 of the Mortgage loan process: Loan Processing. We’ll talk about what the lender is doing behind the scenes to move your loan approval along.

Moving is time consuming, particularly if you do all the heavy lifting. Our guest, Heidi Rinker, shares with us helpful information about moving companies and how movers work.

Heidi Rinker, Relocation Consultant

After logging over 800,000 miles driving a tractor-trailer with her husband, Heidi began her career with Bekins Northwest in 2000 as a Customer Service Representative. Heidi joined the team with valuable knowledge of the trucking industry and was subsequently promoted into the Moving Consultant role.

Heidi excelled in providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with clients. Following her continual success as a Moving Consultant, Heidi made the transition to Sales and never looked back. With a reputation for thorough product knowledge, attention to detail and the aptitude to treat our clients with integrity, Heidi has continued to be an instrumental member of the Sales team and a valuable resource to our clients.

Capitalizing on her expertise, Heidi specializes in home and business relocations. In addition, she can customize the services of the company and van lines to meet the needs of each client.

A native of Puyallup, Heidi enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, singing and working on her latest home improvement project.

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Home Staging | Leah Nitz

Leah Nitz, Home Stager

Leah Nitz

Lockin’ it In welcomes to the show Leah Nitz, of Constructive Consulting, LLC Home Staging & Redesign. We’ll chat about the fun and creative topic of Home Staging.

About Leah

Peachy pink me

Leah Nitz, Home Stager

I was a Project Manager for 20 years. I learned project management in construction administration building out bank branches. I started as a Project Coordinator and worked my way up, and took training along the way. I loved buying the products for each project and weighing in on design decisions. After the market crash in 2008 everything changed and I became a 1099 contractor taking project management contracts in all different industries and companies from Microsoft to a startup with 5 employees. I have always missed the buying product and space design elements from my past.

In 2012, I started a side business making Cardigan Clip jewelry and now ‘Something Old, Something New’ bridal jewelry to allow me to use my creative side again. I worked full time on the jewelry business for a year.

I have thought about becoming a home stager many times over the years, but something always held me back. This year I decided to go for it! Shortly after opening Constructive Consulting, LLC Home Staging & Redesign, I opted to become certified. The training gave me the answers I need to handle all the tricky older homes in the Kitsap Peninsula area. The ability to help homeowners increase the value of their home by making it more appealing to a wider mass of buyers is so gratifying.

My mission is to make your home a place where buyers aspire to live. I neutralize homes with furniture and accessories but also through paint, flooring and updated fixtures. I partner with home owners to match the needs of the market with the availability of their resources.

Home Staging | Leah Nitz