In honor of our veterans, today we discuss the various real estate related benefits and programs offered by the Veterans Administration.

We’re also excited to tell you about the VA’s new VA Home Renovation Loan program.

In this episode, Deb and Per will tell you about:

VA Home Loans |

VA Home Loans, VA Loan Factsheet

Also discussed were Farm Loans, and Vendee Home Loan for REO properties.

Grants for Disable Vets |
Helpful Resources |




Lockin it In Episode

Credit Repair | Raquel Flournoy

We talk about the mortgage loan application, the Loan Estimate, and other disclosures, and credit repair.

Deb and Per with Raquel Flournoy

With Raquel Flournoy of Credit Optimization Program

Raquel Flournoy

Grew up a military brat from Fort Lewis, graduated from Spanaway Lake High School then attended Seattle U studying accounting.  I married my high school sweetheart and we have to adult children; Sherise and Jordan (26 & 21) plus my furry baby Hannibal.

Majority of my career has been in the accounting / tax field.  I specialized in construction cost accounting when I opened and managed Accounting Pros NW.  I have experience with A paper mortgage lending and Private Lending leverage with land/property.  Budgeting, audit and finance comes natural to me.  I enjoying analyzing numbers.  Real Estate is also a passion of mine.

I started the Credit Optimization Program when I saw a need for consumer credit consulting after the housing market crashed.  Many people and families were affected by this.  There is no government agency that will “audit” a consumer’s credit report and hold the credit bureaus accountable.  The only person that can hold the credit reporting agency accountable is the consumer.

There are great laws in place to protect the consumer but without the audit there is no way to know if the bureaus are following the laws.  COP is making sure the credit bureaus are compliant.

Lockin it In Episode