In honor of our veterans, today we discuss the various real estate related benefits and programs offered by the Veterans Administration.

We’re also excited to tell you about the VA’s new VA Home Renovation Loan program.

In this episode, Deb and Per will tell you about:

VA Home Loans |

VA Home Loans, VA Loan Factsheet

Also discussed were Farm Loans, and Vendee Home Loan for REO properties.

Grants for Disable Vets |
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Lockin it In Episode

Home Haunters | Troy Frantz

Troy Frantz joins Deb and Per October 27, 2018

Troy Frantz joins Deb and Per October 27, 2018

Troy is not your usual homeowner. He bought a nice home, but each year he turns it into a destination of macabre terror. Troy is a home haunter, the creative and engineering genius behind Hellmouth Haunted House. Each year he stages a haunted house at his home. This year–to our ghoulish delight–his haunt is on hold, leaving him free to talk with us. Hear how each year he’s able to delight trick or treaters and haunt lovers and why he does it year after year. Did you know there’s even a fairly large community of like-minded hobbyists?

In addition to his day job as a mobile auto mechanic, Troy Frantz is a home haunter and host of the Halloween Hellmouth vlog.

Lockin it In Episode

Home Warranties | Pam Olague

Lockin it In with Deb and Per 29 Sept 2018

Pam Olague, of American Home Shield with Deb and Per

Ever heard of a ‘Home Warranty‘? Should you get one? Explore your options with Pam Olague, of American Home Shield.

At the top of the hour, we’ll be addressing a topic near and dear to our listeners who are veterans—the VA home loan.

About Pam |
Currently an Account Representative with American Home Shield, Pam Olague has a long history in the sales industry. Prior to her 15 years in her current role, Pam had a good 12-year run at Nordstrom before entering the real estate industry as an Escrow Assistant, which she did for 3 years before moving to AHS.

A native of the Northwest, Pam is 30 years married, with 3 kids.

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House Hunting and Homeowner’s Insurance

Today we talk about house hunting with Perrin J Walker (yes, this is our son). He’ll share his experience in the home shopping process.

In the second half, we’re joined by Libby Cruthers, Insurance Agent at Elliott Insurance Group. She’ll enlighten us on the important topic of homeowner’s insurance.

Libby Cruthers has insurance in her blood – her mom has been in the industry since college and Libby started working for the family business in middle school. They currently own and operate Elliott Insurance Group in Lakewood, which specializes in property and casualty insurance (home, auto, business, umbrella, etc.).

Libby is the president of the Insurance Professionals of South King County and is passionate about helping people understand their insurance needs. She and her husband live in Tacoma with their daughter and two dogs.

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