Success with Real Estate | Grace Lee

This week, Deb & Per enjoy talking to Real Estate Agent, Grace Lee. We chat about real estate, investing, and what it takes to secure a comfortable retirement with real estate.

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Plumbing | Brian Harding

How much do you know about your plumbing? How often should you flush and what can go down? We banter about with Brian Harding, of The Plumbing and Drain Company in Tacoma, WA on toilety topics such as freezing pipes, low water pressure, hot water tanks, clogged drains, Drano, inspection and leak detection.


The Plumbing and Drain Company 


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Your Roof | Garrett Willey

How much do you really know about your roof? How often should you have it cleaned and what the inspector looks for when reviewing your home. Garrett Willey, of Do It Right Roofing, shares his roof expertise.

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Home Security | Michael Cunningham

Do you have a security system in your home? Is it enough? We talk to Michael Cunningham, of Protec NW. He gives us a peek at his abundant home security knowledge.

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