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Leah Nitz, Home Stager

Leah Nitz

Lockin’ it In welcomes to the show Leah Nitz, of Constructive Consulting, LLC Home Staging & Redesign. We’ll chat about the fun and creative topic of Home Staging.

About Leah

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Leah Nitz, Home Stager

I was a Project Manager for 20 years. I learned project management in construction administration building out bank branches. I started as a Project Coordinator and worked my way up, and took training along the way. I loved buying the products for each project and weighing in on design decisions. After the market crash in 2008 everything changed and I became a 1099 contractor taking project management contracts in all different industries and companies from Microsoft to a startup with 5 employees. I have always missed the buying product and space design elements from my past.

In 2012, I started a side business making Cardigan Clip jewelry and now ‘Something Old, Something New’ bridal jewelry to allow me to use my creative side again. I worked full time on the jewelry business for a year.

I have thought about becoming a home stager many times over the years, but something always held me back. This year I decided to go for it! Shortly after opening Constructive Consulting, LLC Home Staging & Redesign, I opted to become certified. The training gave me the answers I need to handle all the tricky older homes in the Kitsap Peninsula area. The ability to help homeowners increase the value of their home by making it more appealing to a wider mass of buyers is so gratifying.

My mission is to make your home a place where buyers aspire to live. I neutralize homes with furniture and accessories but also through paint, flooring and updated fixtures. I partner with home owners to match the needs of the market with the availability of their resources.

Home Staging | Leah Nitz

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